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Impeccable Environments After Work!

Thorough removal
of all debris

Complete removal
of dust and dirt

Complete cleaning
of all facilities

completely organized

Post Construction Services

Upon completion of any work, it is essential to ensure that the environment is impeccable, safe and ready for use. That’s where Silva Superclean Services’ Post-Construction Cleaning service comes in. Our highly specialized team is ready to offer a thorough and efficient cleaning, removing all debris, dust and dirt left by construction.

Our dedicated approach ensures that all facilities are thoroughly cleaned, providing environments that are completely organized and ready to receive occupants and clients. Complete removal of hazardous debris, combined with dust elimination, is essential to creating a safe and healthy environment.

With Silva Superclean Services, you can rest assured that every detail will be taken care of. Our team is experienced in handling post-construction cleanups, ensuring exceptional results quickly and efficiently.

Let us take care of the post-construction clean-up so you can focus on the next step in your project.

What is included in the office cleaning service

What is included in the deep cleaning service

Our team is prepared to deal with the post-construction cleaning in a meticulous way, accurately removing any residue, dust and traces of renovation. Every detail is checked to ensure cleaning effectiveness. We use specific equipment in each step and commercial quality materials, developed to meet the highest quality standards, ensuring that all dirt is completely removed.

Count on our experienced and well-trained professionals to leave your post-construction space spotless and ready to use.

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Post construction

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Post-Construction Cleaning with Guaranteed Quality and Efficiency.

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We serve different types of works, from small reforms to large civil construction projects. Our team specializes in handling any scale post-construction cleanup.

The time required for post-construction cleanup can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. Our team strives to get the job done quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality.

Yes, we use commercial quality products and equipment designed for post-construction cleanup and safe for the environment. We prioritize the health of our customers and the protection of the environment.

Yes, our staff is trained to handle the removal of hazardous waste such as nails, broken glass and other sharp objects. We ensure a safe environment after post-construction cleaning.

Yes, we offer flexible times to schedule post construction cleaning, including after-hours options, to better meet our clients’ needs.

Yes, the satisfaction of our customers is our priority. We offer quality assurance on our services, and if there are any issues after cleaning, we are ready to correct them as needed.